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The Bilinda Butchers – “Goodbyes” - (1st press, Orange/White Marble /300)

I can only say good about The Bilinda Butchers. Their mix of Shoegaze/Dream Pop just makes me incredibly happy, especially when both genres, now getting more popular, are starting to become bland. That’s not the case with this band, and they have released one of my favorite albums this year, “HEAVEN.” This is their first Ep, their beginnings, and it’s nothing less then amazing. Check out this awesome band because this year is their year, and you’ll be sad when all of their vinyl is gone. Support them!

DiscAu did an amazing job on this pressing for their first release. Sure packaging is bland but the record looks and sounds incredible! So glad i own this.

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Slowdive @QSW Hall, Shanghai 

Slowdive @QSW Hall, Shanghai 



Robert Smith with Ride in Beautiful Noise. This documentary was really special.


Robert Smith with Ride in Beautiful Noise. This documentary was really special.

The Creases
photo taken by Joshua White



In honor of Spirit Youth’s release 4 years ago today, check out this short documentary of Kurt, Christoph, and Anton recording the LP in the studio and messing around!


Beady Eye - Live from Abbey Road, 2011.


Gem Archer being awkwardly silent during interview with him & Liam Gallagher about Beady Eye. Most of the time he looks like the first gif of these. And he somehow manages to freeze in the same position for quite a long time.


Michael Wolf - Real Fake Art (2013)


The Swirlies – Live at Johnny Christ’s House, Dallas, Texas (1993)

Set List
1) Tree Chopped Down
2) Vigilant Always
3) Tall Ships
4) Her Life Of Artistic Freedom 
5) His Love Just Washed Away 
6) Pancake (part)
7) Jeremy Parker 
8) Upstairs